• Music offered by St Rita’s Music Team is listed overleaf.
  • Other Recorded Music Options of your choice can be chosen
    (please discuss these with the priest)
  • Please choose the following hymns


For Funeral Prayer Service: 

Entrance Song, Psalm (if not spoken), Song of Farewell (if not spoken) and Recessional Song


For Requiem Mass: 

Entrance Song, Psalm (if not spoken), Offertory Procession, Communion Hymn, Song of Farewell (if not spoken) and Recessional Song


Please choose from these hymns if you would like

St. Rita’s Choir Ministry to sing/play


Entrance Song

All Creatures of Our God and King (Public Domain)

Amazing Grace (D.Kodner)

Be Not Afraid (B.Dufford)

City of God (D.Schutte)

Come As You Are (D.Browne)

Come Home (C.Landry)

Day is Done (Text 1969. J.Quinn)

Here I Am Lord (D.Schutte)

Nearer, My God, to Thee (Public Domain)

Sing a New Song (D.Schutte)

Strong and Constant (F.Anderson)

Though the Mountains May Fall (D.Schutte)



Be With Me Lord (M.Joncas)

Do Not Be Afraid/ The Lord is My Light  (C.Willcock)

The Lord is My Shepherd (B.Boniwell)

The Lord is My Shepherd (Crimond)

Shelter Me O God (Bob Hurd)


Offertory Procession

Hail Mary, Gentle Woman (C. Landry)

Only a Shadow (C. Landry)

Peace Prayer of St Francis (S. Temple)

Trinity Song (Frank Anderson)


Communion Hymn

The Beatitudes (D.Ducote)

Eat This Bread (Taize)

Eucharist Song (Anderson)

Gentle As Silence (Estelle White)

Love is the Greatest Gift of All (E.Marshall)

I Am the Bread of Life (S.Toolan)

I’ll be Always Loving You (T.Watts)

In Faith and Hope and Love (Connolly/McAuley)

Peace Prayer of St Francis (S. Temple)

We Remember (M. Haugen)

Where There is Charity and Love (R.Connolly)

Where Love is Found (D.Schutte)

You Are Mine (D.Haas)


Song of Farewell (if not spoken)

[sung/spoken during Final Commendation]

Saints of God (D.Haas)

Song of Farewell (E.Sands) (begins with the words - May the Choirs of Angels…)


Recessional Song

(also choose from Entrance Hymns)

Eagle’s Wings (F. Anderson)

Faith of our Fathers (Public Domain)

Galilee Song (F .Anderson)

How Great Thou Art (S. Hine)

On Eagle’s Wings (Joncas)