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Mass Times

All masses are suspended until further notice

The church will be closed until further notice

All Parish groups are suspended until further notice.

Parish Priest & Staff

  • Parish Priest: Fr. Ladu Yanga
  • Parish Secretary: Meagan Ladewig
  • Finance Secretary: Beverley Van Schie
  • Sacramental & Safeguarding Coordinator:  Jennifer Fielding
St Rita 02 Church Chapel St Rita 01 memorial Bell

The Archdiocese of Brisbane holds that children, young people and vulnerable adults are a gift from God with an intrinsic right to dignity of life, respect and security from physical and emotional harm. They are to be treasured, nurtured and safeguarded by all.
This policy applies to Clergy, Religious, Staff, Parishioners, Volunteers, students on placement and Visitors to our sites.
The following link has more information including Policy documents and a message from Archbishop Mark Coleridge-

Helpful strategies for weekend worship
28 Mar 2020 03:43

 In light of the recently announced provisions suspending Mass on Sundays until further notice, we would like to recommend a few practical strategies. The Sunday Readings are here. Families may like to light a candle (the Gospel is about see [ ... ]

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Fifth Sunday of Lent 29th March 2020
28 Mar 2020 02:16

First Reading: Ezekiel 37:12-14 (JB)
A reading from the prophet Ezekiel
The Lord says this: I am going to open your graves; I mean to raise you from
your graves, my people, and lead you back to the soil of Israel.
And you will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and raise you
from your grave [ ... ]

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Archdiocese of Brisbane – COVID-19 – Update 3
23 Mar 2020 23:59Archdiocese of Brisbane – COVID-19 – Update 3

TO THE PASTORS AND PEOPLE OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF BRISBANE Last night the Federal Government suspended all non-essential gatherings for an initial 4 weeks to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and to give the community time to understand fully social distancing requirements. The ruling appli [ ... ]

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Archdiocese of Brisbane – COVID-19 – Update 2
19 Mar 2020 05:47

TO THE PASTORS AND PEOPLE OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF BRISBANE These are anxious times as we enter new and uncharted territory. The spread of the coronavirus is alarming for a generation that has known nothing like it, and it shows how fragile we are. How long it will last we do not know, but almost cert [ ... ]

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St Rita's Men's Social group - Ten Pin Bowling tou...
25 Feb 2020 05:42

St Rita's Men's Social group - Ten Pin Bowling tournament at Zone Bowling Capalaba 25 Feb 2020 - its hard to imagine that men with so many bits of metal and plastic in their knees, hips and backs (plus eyes that don't work well) could knock the pins with such gusto - strikes and gutter balls galore. [ ... ]

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St Rita's Men's Social Group
24 Jan 2020 05:50St Rita's Men's Social Group

St Rita's Men's Social group first gathering for 2020 - BBQ under the trees under the Australian Flag. Fr Ladu was able to join us even though he is still on holidays. BBQ finished off with Pavlova (thanks Marilyn Duggan) and Black Sapote cake (thanks Bill Melor)

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OSHC Wooden Toys Project
18 Jan 2020 23:23OSHC Wooden Toys Project

St Rita's Men's Social group have been working with St Rita's OSHC on the wooden toys project for children who are at OSHC over the school holidays. Approx 50 wooden toys have been fabricated over the past two months by Bob Woosnam, John Bowskill, Bob Anderson, Bill McLennan and Mike Duggan and thi [ ... ]

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Parish Social Events
14 Jan 2020 00:52

Zumba Gold:  Classes every Tuesday, 1 - 1.45 pm in the Ruby Room, have fun and get fit. The exercises and dances are not exhausting and you can work at your own level- suitable for all ages. Art Group: Every Wednesday from lOam to 2 pm in the Ruby Room. Newcomers are always welcome - come and ha [ ... ]

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Catholic Church plans national response to bushfir...
09 Jan 2020 05:45Catholic Church plans national response to bushfire crisis

AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONFERENCE  STATEMENT FROM CONFERENCE PRESIDENT ARCHBISHOP MARK COLERIDGE  Australia is facing an unprecedented calamity as fire engulfs the land in many places. We have all seen the apocalyptic images, even if we are not in the areas most affected. Lives have been  [ ... ]

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Sacramental & Safeguarding Coordinator
09 Dec 2019 23:36

Victoria Point Parish Is currently inviting applications for the causal position of Sacramental & Safeguarding Coordinator (Only during school term time starting in Jan 2020 with approximately 4 to 7 hours per week)  This is an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic committed applicant to [ ... ]

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22nd Sunday in Ordinary time Year C
23 Aug 2019 03:23

First Reading
Sirach 3:17-20, 28-29 A reading from the book of Ecclesiasticus Humble yourself and you will find favour with the Lord. My son, be gentle in carrying out your business, and you will be better loved than a lavish giver. The greater you are, the more you should behave humbly, and th [ ... ]

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21st Sunday in ordinary time Year C
23 Aug 2019 03:20

First Reading Isaiah 66:18-21 A reading from the prophet Isaiah They will gather all of your people from all nations. The Lord says this: I am coming to gather the nations of every language. They shall come to witness my glory. I will give them a sign and send some of their survivors to the nati [ ... ]

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20th Sunday in Ordinary time Year C
23 Aug 2019 03:17

First Reading Jeremiah 38:4-6, 8-10 A reading from the prophet Jeremiah You bore me to be a man of strife for the whole world. The king's leading men spoke to the king. 'Let Jeremiah be put to death: he is unquestionably disheartening the remaining soldiers in the city, and all the people too, b [ ... ]

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