We, the parishioners of St. Rita’s will strive to demonstrate the existence and fostering of a RitaEmblemstrong Catholic Christian community as evidenced by our faith, worship, social response and way of life.

We will endeavor to practice Christian Stewardship in the grateful and generous use of our God-given gifts for the benefit of our fellow human beings.

Our patroness is St. Rita – Saint of the Impossible. Like her, may our greatness lie not so much in our initiatives, but in our response.”


Our Parish Mission Statement

St Rita’s Parish is committed to:

  • Providing an environment where worship, personal faith development, faith outreach to others and inclusive liturgies enable all to achieve full, active, conscious and fulfilling participation;
  • Being a welcoming community which sustains a sense of belonging and social togetherness where all have the right to feel they are valued members of our faith community;
  • Providing the practical framework by which its members can act responsibly and justly in meeting the needs of others;
  • Providing leadership opportunities for all:  by providing encouragement to our young people as leaders of the future and by supporting all in acquiring appropriate leadership skills;
  • Fostering a spirit of Christian Stewardship wherein all parish members can make a conscious decision to undertake the work of Jesus in the selfless sharing of Time, Talent and Treasure; and Developing and maintaining the physical assets of the parish to cater for future needs and growth.